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Favourites: “Fabulous Decay” by Hideg Gergely

A nice Bijou out of Hungary.

Nice Arrangement of several submers and emers Plants.

You can read more here.

This Guy is also famous for his Kokedamas, take a look at Petit Planet

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4 Ridiculous Monsters Who Are Getting Their Own Horror Films

#4. Ouija — An Actual Ouija Board

Hey, what’s the best way to freak out a room full of kids under the age of 15? A Ouija board! The only problem is, once you figure out how they work, Ouija boards lose pretty much all of their appeal. It turns out that a bunch of people subconsciously tugging on a piece of plastic just isn’t all that bone-chilling. Unfortunately, Hollywood, on a streak of giving us movie versions of board games that absolutely no one wants to see, has teamed up with Hasbro to bring us Ouija, a movie about a bunch of teenagers getting murdered by their novelty fortune-telling device.

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"I’m going to draw a transformer decepticon, and i’m picking the insecticon one this time because he looks so cool and there is not a lot of it around, and i’m going to give him luv"

And it was supposed to be a doodle of a night, not a 5 hours doodle of doom because i wanted to also draw it with it’s mouth open because i will look cooler, and the teeth where also a pain, EVERYTHING WAS A PAIN, CHARACTER THAT I LIKE TO DRAW IS HELL TO DO.

Or just i can’t do these :V, how do you people do it?

Going back to work now, and for my next shot i pick knockout, YOU DON’T HAVE WEIRD TEETH OR STRANGE HORNS OR SHAPE, YOU SHOULD BE OK.

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3x3 Dreadwing from Transformers Prime

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Friendly reminder that Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) really, really wants to be Luke Cage.

So badly in fact, he made his own teaser trailer.




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Its that time again….

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Bangkok-based photographer Visarute Angkatavanich (previously featured here) continues to take breathtaking photos of Siamese fighting fish, also known as betta fish. His fascination with their splendid, flowing fins and brilliant coloring is apparent in the extraordinarily detailed portraits he creates. The photos are so perfectly clear and close-up that it’s easy to forget the fish are underwater and not floating in midair.

Angkatavanich recently told Popular Photography that he only started photographing the fish after encountering them for the first time three years ago at a fish show and has since become obsessed with the different species which vary greatly in size, shape, and color patterns.

Head over to Visarute Angkatavanich’s 500px gallery to view more of his gorgeous betta portraits. Limited edition prints of his photos are currently available through La Lanta Fine Art.

[via Colossal]

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i cant believe i bought a dildo to a knife fight again

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Being a good friend isn’t just “defending” your friend… it’s calling your friend out on their fuckshit and being real w/ them. Some of you fail to realize this.