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this is the saddest fucking thing i have ever seen

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God I fucking love character development.

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i love how racists say they have an “unpopular opinion” like um no actually your opinion is so popular that there is an entire structure of oppression based around it that controls the entire country cool story

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You can’t just start the clock on 9/11 and forget 50 years of unjust oppressive Western foreign policies in the Middle East.

Medhi Hasan

Thank God someone finally said this. I’m so sick of stating that Western intervention and invasion of other countries fuels terrorism only for people to respond 'They did 9/11 first!' 

In 1953 the UK & the US staged a coup of the democratically elected leader of Iran and installed a dictator who was more to their liking. Today the US continues to support brutal dictators (such as in Saudi Arabia) where it suits them to do so. Palestine has been occupied for decades. The list of Western imperial foreign policies over the past decades could go on and on.

9/11 was not only only a result religious extremism and it certainly was not because 'they hate our freedoms.' Terrorism is often primarily politically motivated and anyone who is serious about preventing it had better take some fucking notice of this fact.

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Practicing drawing Ratchet for a commission i’m about to work on. I either draw him to thin or his head is to big. XD

Oh and yeah crazy story with Minibug and those branches. XP

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If we're going to (maybe) have a choice of species in the next Mass Effect game which do you plan on playing?

all of them

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Peter makes me smile the moment he comes through the door. He is the real deal, talented, big-hearted, with a fabulous basement wall echoing laugh. I try constantly to evoke his rumbling larynx. We have been friends for eons.
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So uh, I haven’t seen this on my dash, but check out this kickstarter!

They’re waterballoons that SELF TIE, make a HUNDRED at a time, AND AND they’re biodegradablee!! Seriously why isn’t this all over my dash yet??

They’ve already reached WAY over their goal, but you can still get some early bird deliveries for an early start of the water balloon madness!

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It’s time for an updated commission post! My situation has changed slightly since I last updated my info, but this is still my main source of income. (as such the prices reflect that)

Please check availability »HERE«


Please email me at with the following:

  • Your name 
  • Your order (types are listed below)
  • Reference for the character(s) you want drawn, if they’re an OC please include any pertinent information (personality traits, mood, expression, etc.) and/or up to three pictures for reference if possible.

Starting now I will be charging by sending you an invoice via paypal. This is to keep my business a bit more organized!

Once we have struck a deal, I’ll send you an invoice as well as several thumbnails for your drawing, work will start once I receive payment/we settle on a design. I’ll keep you updated via email with WIPs. Once your picture is completed you’ll be emailed the full picture.

Afterwards I’ll upload a watermarked version of the commission to my page. (It is totally fine if you’d prefer I don’t, please tell me if that is an issue)

*I ask that you PLEASE make sure you want to commission me before sending a message, as I’m not in a place where I can comfortably refund the money

Things I will draw

  • Fanart and OCs
  • Humans, androids, humanoid aliens and anthro art
  • Tasteful pinups and porn (these take a bit longer)
I reserve the right to refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable


Lineart = $30 (bust) $45 (full body) [x]

Colored busts = $40 [x] [x] [x] 

Pinup = $80 (full body) [x] [x]

Illustrations = $95 (full body, waist up, etc.) [x] [x]

Any additional characters will cost $20, if you would like to use the image commercially there will be an additional $25 fee.

hey check out my friend’s awesome commissions! please consider commissioning her, you will not be disappointed! :)