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A place where I find random cool shit and obsess over fictional characters. What are you doing here?

I also like birds, fish and anything that has scales, extinct or extant.

I rant a lot about stupid shit and I don't shut up so if you're afraid of the big scary text walls, go away.

Occasionally I write Javik/Liara short fanfiction for Mass Effect. If you guys who have Liara as their LI feel uncomfortable with that, I'm sorry.

Wait, no, I honestly couldn't give less of a shit.

Yes, in case you haven't noticed, I am kind of an asshole.

I'm not writing smut, SO STOP ASKING!



The new Funko’s are up for pre-order on the Hot Topic Website, and yes that’s DISCORD!



Funko Vinyl Figure Discord

Funko Vinyl Figure Discord







Discord really is fun. Everyone should try writing him at some point

as often as possible

or all the time

everyone should be Discord is what I’m getting at, really

A story where every character is Discord in a cheap costume.

bless your soul

this legitimately cracked me up

"Oh Discord," Discord gushed as the towering, powerfully handsome creature known as Discord held him in his powerful arms. "I never want this moment to end."

Discord gave a deep, hearty chuckle that could melt chocolate ice cubes and lowered his wonderfully groomed eyebrows. He smiled, revealing his snaggletooth which reflected in the dim light of the setting sun.

"Then it won’t, my dear," Discord assured Discord, pulling him closer as his long serpentine tail ensnared the others tightly. "It never will."

And then the third Discord froze the two in stone so their passionate embrace shall never end, and he could always admire himself from all angles. The end.




"It’s the Mane Six’s fault Discord betrayed them!"


Well… it is sort of. It was almost silly to expect him to be loyal after the way they continue to treat him. I mean Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity did just about everything they could to make sure he knew that they didn’t want him around.Twilight sort of just tolerated him and Pinkie was.. mixed. Point is, they were a large contributing factor in Discord’s betrayal.

Be friends with Fluttershy, have to deal with the rest of her friends being very untrusting and unwelcoming.

Be friends with Tirek, he can do whatever he wants without having to just deal with being given hateful glares all the time.

They didn’t even acknowledge Discord was trying to change or even TRY to be friends with him, despite being the embodiments of friendship and harmony and knowing how much friendship can change something. They didn’t bother to make him feel welcomed, so they can’t be surprised that he ended up leaving them, with the exception of Fluttershy of course.


I can see where this mindset comes from, but no. No it’s not anybody’s fault but his that he turned.

His precise line of justification to the pony that DID treat him right was to smirk in her face and gloat, “Oh, we were [friends]. But Tirek offered me so much more than tea parties!

Not “well you guys were mean so fuck that noise” (or whatever the PG equivalent of that is). Not “you were faking being nice to me!”. It was “your friendship isn’t as profitable to me as his is”. This makes it INCREDIBLY clear that Discord has no understanding of what friendship even is outside of a bargain in which he stands to gain something that makes his input worth it. And to him, the ability to continue being an evil dickmunch was much more profitable than anything else they could offer him.

They didn’t even acknowledge Discord was trying to change or even TRY to be friends with him, despite being the embodiments of friendship and harmony and knowing how much friendship can change something.

That’s the whole point: he WASN’T trying to change. He wanted to bend the rules as far as he could to see just how much he could get away with. I mean, think about the episodes: in Keep Calm, his regret is not hurting someone that mattered to him. It was losing said pony. He never apologizes for what he said or did, merely admits “I can’t act like this if I want you all to be my friends”. Next episode? He’s right back to it, outright lying about his involvement in the destruction of Ponyville (to include lying to his new friend’s face under the excuse of ~being reformed~). Three’s a Crowd? HE comes to THEM. And yes, RD loses her temper with him. But recall, everyone else (annoyed as they were) was still willing to help. Twilight paid attention to him instead of sending him away, even going to the ends of Equestria…FOR HIIIM. ALL FOR HIIIIIM.


Their temper with him? Completely justified, given his behavior and their history (he forcibly bent them to his will by exploiting their weakness and insecurities — and kept demonstrating those same red flag behaviors even WHEN he was ~reformed~, prodding at whatever little crack in their armor he could find to see what would happen. Remember when Twilight came back to Ponyville and didn’t confront him at all in any way, merely expressed upset that her friends sent her away and confided in him emotionally like she would any other friend? And how he took advantage of THAT too? Yeah. Good times). People who have been hurt by an abusive person can and do put their guard up, and it’s entirely within their rights to do so.

And remember, Cadence never once lost her temper with him, even trying to level with him emotionally. He did not respond to it at all, instead just grousing about the fact his plan (which was literally to RUIN TWILIGHT’S DAY, which does NOT sound like the actions of someone who legitimately wants to change and be a good man) fell through. Being friends with someone, even IF their understanding of relationships is minimal, does involve setting hard limits and making it clear “this behavior is not okay with me and I will not permit it”. It involves mutual respect. He made it very clear he had very little, if any, respect for them.

It scares me how many people literally expected the Mane Six to lie through their teeth and let him walk all over them so he’d feel welcome. HE needed to make the change. HE needed to put forth the effort. One of the biggest things in therapy they tell you is that until you want to change your behavior, you won’t. No matter how nice any of the counselors are, no matter how honest, no matter how much they prove to you, again and again, that your behavior is not to your benefit and that the only way you’ll feel better about yourself and your relationships is if you learn how to improve them, you will stay the same.

Also, you know, the instant he DID apologize and respected their space/feelings? When he saw them as living beings that he had done harm to? He was accepted. No conditions, no terms, no “or ELSE” about it. He was forgiven for everything and accepted as a full member of their little herd. Wasn’t all that hard, either. He just had to say “I’m sorry, I was wrong” and treat them with some ounce of dignity.

Discord wanted to be free, pure and simple. He did NOT care about anything other than getting his own way. They were not at fault for a decision he made on his own. Is this justified to Discord? Oh, absolutely! But from a moral standpoint? Not at all.

So in summary, Discord was an abusive, vindictive prick and needed to be put in his place. He NEEDED to respect them and their boundaries. He didn’t. He was treated as thus.

It. Was. Nobody’s. Fault. But. His.

End. Of. Story.

I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for my friends!


Just between the two of us…


It’s mostly for Fluttershy. 

hey remember back in season 2 when male bronies told us discord fans we were stupid for hoping that Discord would be redeemed and shipping him with Celestia, because in their deluded brony minds they thought Discord was comparable to Nolan’s Joker as a character?