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A place where I find random cool shit and obsess over fictional characters. What are you doing here?

I also like birds, fish and anything that has scales, extinct or extant.

I rant a lot about stupid shit and I don't shut up so if you're afraid of the big scary text walls, go away.

Occasionally I write Javik/Liara short fanfiction for Mass Effect. If you guys who have Liara as their LI feel uncomfortable with that, I'm sorry.

Wait, no, I honestly couldn't give less of a shit.

Yes, in case you haven't noticed, I am kind of an asshole.

I'm not writing smut, SO STOP ASKING!


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These people are real 

Stick ‘em in the pink.



These people are real 

Stick ‘em in the pink.

Little Sister Scootaloo Rape




I am an ex-brony. I still have my MLP toy collection that I won’t let ANYONE touch. (Not even my sister.) I will admit, I still buy a shit ton of pony merch. My younger sister still is into MLP, so I decided to take her to a con.

Why I did that, I will never know.

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and this is why I have a problem with Bronies

Yes be wary but not every brony is like that. Yes there are creeps out there that make me hate the fandom but there are others out there who are practically saints. I understand this hit home because I was almost in the same issue when I cosplayed as Harley Quinn. I was able to get away before anything happened. Calling the entire fandom shitty is wrong. Just because one girl is a bitch you don’t say all females are bitches or if one guy is a pedi you don’t call them all pedos. The brony fandom does a lot to help kids in good ways and it really helps those who need the extra push to make friends. Instead of looking at the bad, look at the good

I think you’re missing the point. While it’s true not all bronies are  bad (I considered myself a female brony for a while and I had good and bad experiences) that doesn’t change the fact that t he mlp fandom has become a haven for misogynist creeps and racists. I doubt that if someone tried to do something akin to princess molestia in most other fandoms, they would have gotten away with it for so long. And yet in the MLP fandom it was praised and defended by people who thought rape was a joke and just “men needing sex” and who then proceeded to spread lies about pinkiepony.

You’re derailing the conversation.  Instead of wasting time saying “not all bronies are like that!” you should be thinking about how and why bronies got that reputation in the first place, and helping change what’s rotten about it. Otherwise you’re only giving the victims more hostility for voicing their bad experiences instead of directing it to the rotted part of the fandom that caused those bad experiences in the first place. It’s hard to think “oh not all  bronies are bad” and “look at the good” when your 12 year old sister got sexually assaulted  by one of them.






you ever notice how the ponies don’t really look like horses much at all. specifically the head structure

i mean they’re ADORABLE and i love the designs but i mean




Just imagine.


this could stop bronies



i get so angry when i think about bronies for more than a few seconds

like, we have this whole generation of little boys, and it could have been them looking up to older boys and grown men who weren’t afraid to say that was cool and okay to look up to girls and women,  that it’s okay to embrace femininity/traditionally feminine things and that they are not ‘lesser’ in any way

instead we got heaps of porn, racism, misogyny, catcalling underage voice actresses at cons, violent transmisogyny, transphobia, pedophilic pony rape joke blogs and rape apologism, white supremacist/neo-nazi/racist libertarian pony blogs and shit like Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory and fucking Fallout Equestria


Man, I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts talking about how terrible Discord is because he is abusive, and the show is teaching little girls to accept abuse and tolerate it and befriend abusers.

And I just…. huh.

I can’t really agree?

First off, the Mane 6 don’t really “accept” him. I mean, they kind of hate him. They pretty nicely showcased that today. Even when Twilight agreed to sorta kinda help him, she did it with very obvious annoyance. And anger. And just general pissed offedness. And not really taking any of his shit. 

Honestly, the vibe I was getting during the whole thing was that she was putting up with it so as not to appear like a jerk in front of Cadence.

The rest of them obviously had no interest in bothering with him.

Except for Fluttershy. And that brings me to the point that kind of irks me.

People seem to insist that Discord is using her and abusing her, and Fluttershy is so good-natured that she just sort of takes it. And this teaches young girls to accept abuse as normal.

Except that Fluttershy doesn’t do that? Like, even the rest of the Mane 6 thought that this was the case back in Keep Calm and Flutter On, and that led to my favorite moment when Fluttershy shuts them all up by asking them if they all just thought her naiive and foolish. And of course they had. They’d thought that she was just letting herself get pushed about and was bending to his whim through manipulation and whatnot, whereas Fluttershy had a legit plan and recognized everything that was happening.

And while recognizing it, she chose to continue carrying out a plan that she had formulated despite everyone’s doubts. She wasn’t hurt by any of what he did. She was inconvenienced, yes, but she knew that this would happen, she planned on it, and she decided to tolerate it to achieve a certain goal.

And in the end? In the end, when Discord was doing actual harm, she told him to knock it off. When he didn’t, she withdrew her friendship. She did not tolerate that. She had a limit, she enacted it, and she made him cease his shit. And, presumably, since Equestria isn’t flooded by chocolate milk, she has continued to make him curb his shit while allowing him enough jerkassery to still be him. 

And due to that jerkassery, everyone else doesn’t like him. And doesn’t play nice with him. And doesn’t roll over for him. And makes it very very clear that he is unpleasant, and that they want nothing to do with him, and that he will not succeed in manipulating them because goddamn, they are watching him like a hawk.

So yeah. I just can’t see it as an abuse dynamic. Like, I’ve seen abuse dynamic on The Hub *cough*Megatron/Starscream*cough*, and this doesn’t ring my alarms at all. Most of the Mane 6 make it clear that he is on their shit list, and Fluttershy? Fluttershy genuinely seems to like him, but she’s not willing to be hurt, or to have others be hurt, because of him. And she makes that very clear. She puts her hoof down, she curbs him, and she befriends him because she wants to.

Anonymous whispered: I hate to use the now-cliched saying that "not all bronies are like that", but it's pretty extreme for that anon to suggest that all bronies defend the use of rape jokes to such an extent. Frankly there's been immature behavior and death threats from both sides of the spectrum; it's just become an absurd trend to suggest that bronies play a major role in rape culture when in reality it was just a single tumblr blog (closed down by Hasbro as of last week) that remains unknown by most others.


maybe if i got a single message in my inbox that said

"i’m a brony and i am absolutely not okay with that shit"

instead of walls of abuse-excusing, over-defensive white noise

i’d have a kinder view of ye bronefolk