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A place where I find random cool shit and obsess over fictional characters. What are you doing here?

I also like birds, fish and anything that has scales, extinct or extant.

I rant a lot about stupid shit and I don't shut up so if you're afraid of the big scary text walls, go away.

Occasionally I write Javik/Liara short fanfiction for Mass Effect. If you guys who have Liara as their LI feel uncomfortable with that, I'm sorry.

Wait, no, I honestly couldn't give less of a shit.

Yes, in case you haven't noticed, I am kind of an asshole.

I'm not writing smut, SO STOP ASKING!


I am sick and tired of “Tyrant Celestia” and “Poor, misunderstood Discord.” Can we just let those memes die already? Please? They were already annoying the first time, and now they just make me want to eat the sun. Awww, miss your sun? Too bad! You should have thought of that before you ineptly used one of the most tired, overused ways to make a setting “darker.”

So for some reason it’s perfectly okay to make Trixie and Nightmare Moon tragic and misunderstood, but doing the same with Discord is totally unacceptable and just a meme? :/